Doing My Part

I was honored to have been asked to saw a few words at the Rally for Reproductive Rights in Plainville, Connecticut this afternoon. Here's what I had to offer.

Hi Everyone. I am Don Erickson. I’m the pastor of the Congregational Church of Plainville, United Church of Christ, or UCC. 

Don’t worry. I’m not gonna be preaching to you tonight. To be honest, I'm not a preachy, protesty kind of dude. Pastor Introvert is a suitable nickname for me.

I only have 309 words to share.

As a denomination, the UCC for decades has boldly supported women’s bodily autonomy, reproductive freedom, and the right to choose.

On the day the unwise and uncompassionate ruling was handed down, the general ministers of the UCC wrote these words: “we believe women have an inalienable right to shape the direction of their lives as they see fit, and no institution established by humankind should supersede such freedom.” I agree.

The UCC stands with other denominations and other faith traditions and with all people that support a women’s right to choose.

But I'm not primarily here to represent my church. I’m here as a citizen, a parent, and a person who essentially holds to this simplest of creeds:

The Ultimate Truth is Love. And with Love, there is no compulsion, no coercion, no external control. To walk the way of Love, which I try to do, means honoring each person’s right to their own body, their own self, their own right to live their lives, to experience liberty, and to pursue happiness, never compelling, coercing, or controlling another.

Friday’s decision enables the legislating of compulsion, coercion and external control. Sadly and maddingly, the decision mirrors the compulsion, coercion, and external control women have endured for millennia.

As another dude I know, “this aggression cannot stand!” We cannot let it. So… V-O-T-E, vote, and if you're so moved, pray with your vote!!

Let me close with a succinct summary:

I am pro-faith.

I am pro-family.

I am pro-choice,

And I am proud to stand with you!


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