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Published Poetry

     Xanadu The Long Island Poetry Collective, 2013:  “The Lighthouse” Turning the pages, intrigued with the subject at hand, she speaks to herself and struggles to decipher the vague ideas. Her pencil scratches across paper. She pushes her glasses to her face. Lately she’s been seeing more clearly through these fog-veiled days. She has surmised manuscripts of the precious and the soluble. She untangles verity from honesty. It astounds through the fog.      Houston Literary Review , Literary Journal, 2010:  “…rage Sale” There, the vented and suppressed sell their release. The failed gather to purchase what they already possess. Children run freely through the market-palace, and learn from the formlessness of formalities. Hand-me- downs are passed down. The children reach down toward clouds into the market-palace of buyers and sellers where as adults they choose to be.       Decanto , Literary Journal, 2010:  &