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Remembering Rev. Morgan Jones

Memorial Day is tomorrow. We will remember those who sacrificed their lives in service to our country and to a cause greater than themselves, as well as to protect their brothers and sisters in arms. It is a day when we remember the fallen, those who died in wars and conflicts from the Revolutionary War some 250 years ago to our current war in Afghanistan – yes, that war still goes on. As Ward reminded me a couple times, Memorial Day is for soldiers who died in battle. Veterans Day is for all those who served either in wartime or peacetime. However, I would dare say that for those who served in military battle, a little piece of you dies there on that battle field. Some survive, others do not and those in battle experience this firsthand. How could this not be so? And for any soldier in battle, there is always that first clash with the gunfire, the smoke, the screams, the chaos, the fear – that first battle takes away the innocence that came before it. Innocence dies in war. So