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Mark 2: 15 At Levi’s house, many tax collectors and other sinners—Jews who did not keep the strict purity laws of the Jewish holy texts—were dining with Jesus and His disciples. Jesus had attracted such a large following that all kinds of people surrounded Him.  16   When the Pharisees’ scribes saw who shared the table with Jesus, they were quick to criticize. The Scribes said (to His disciples),   If your master is such a righteous person, then why does He eat and drink with tax collectors and sinners, the worst among us? 17  Jesus heard them and replied, “People who have their health don’t need to see a doctor. Only those who are sick do. I’m not here to call those already in good standing with God; I’m here to call sinners to turn back to Him.” 21   These are new things I’m teaching, and they can’t be reconciled with old habits.  Nobody would ever use a piece of new cloth to patch an old garment because when the patch shrinks, it pulls away and makes the tear even worse.  22  An