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Thumping Hearts & Planting Trees

Our gospel reading today shows Jesus making one of his most memorable quips. You all probable know it. It is one that has been quoted millions upon millions of times. “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be.” It is a profound statement. It is clear where Jesus thought about the placement of our treasure. Jesus wanted his followers to place there treasures in God by giving as much as we can to God’s people, to the poor, the dispossessed, and the most vulnerable among us. Let’s be frank, few of us, really, live up to Christ’s expectations. We do our best and give what we can, but we are all works in process. Jesus knew this. He was gracious and forgiving when it came to imperfections. However, he did look to results, to the most vulnerable being taken care of. And he looked at the heart as the seedling that gets us to those results. We should be careful to note that a treasure isn’t necessarily just financial. The treasure might include the wealth of memories, memories, for