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Were You There?

PRELUDE   THE PASSION Our Witness Were you there when they crucified the Lord? Some say we all were, There where the choice Was turn toward the cross or turn away. And for those near that cross, a second choice: condone death Or grieve the Life’s fading breath. The vileness and violence of our humanness, Oh, that was clear, plainly there, There for all to see, taste, and hear, There cemented in the tears and tears of history. The vileness and violence that was there, that took him, He met it with love, grace, forgiveness. He planted eternity’s seeds despite the strange fruit from that tree. Those seeds give way to the tree of life now, Rising tall at the center of Eden restored, Reconciling all to an actualized hope.   The Beloved Disciple’s Witness I was there when they crucified him, Yeshua, my Rabboni, The one moved by compassion, my way, truth, and life. I was there, and The trauma and terror of it all Pushed me past the edge. I loved him so much. How I wanted to bear some of his